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Raleigh Equipment Leasing

LEASEIT Corp is your #1 source for equipment leasing and financing.  We lease and finance all types of new and used business equipment.  Our Raleigh equipment leasing company can help you acquire the equipment your business needs today.  We offer low interest rates and can schedule payments to meet your financial needs. Through our programs, you’ll be able to secure your equipment with no-money-down; and still finance 100% of the cost.

We work hard to get the right lease set up at the right price.  All situations are different.  The type of equipment along with it’s useful life for every particular situation goes into the evaluation of your leasing or equipment financing request.  In some situations only a single page credit application, is all that is needed.  By providing bank and trade references along with information on the principals of the company, we can usually have an approval within 24 hours.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Potential Tax Advantages
  • Cash Preservation
  • Predictable Cash Flow
  • Free up Operating Lines


  • Tax and Capital Leases
  • 100% Financing
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Fixed Payment Schedules

LEASEIT Corp offers warmth, integrity and superior service to our clients. We strive to arrange the best possible Raleigh equipment financing solution for you no matter what your situation. Your lease payments will remain the same regardless of inflationary effects on currency values, so why not lock in today’s rates with a fixed lease payment for an inflation-proof advantage.

With LEASEIT Corp, you can get up to to $100,000 in credit without having to provide any tax returns.  Only a single page application will be required.  Simply take 5 minutes to fill out our equipment leasing questionnaire.  We will get right back to you with a free lease payment and closing cost estimate.  On larger leases, company tax returns or company financial statements will be required.  Interim financial statements and signed personal financials may also be asked for.  If needed, you can also apply for an equipment leasing line of credit.

LEASEIT Corp works with large companies and small companies as well as start-up ventures. Equipment leasing in Raleigh, NC has never been easier!

 Some examples of equipment we can lease/finance are found below:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Business Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Medical/Dentistry Equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Production Equipment
  • Security Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Metalworking Equipment Leasing
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • Truck Financing
  • Software Leasing