Lease Mileage Calculator

Commercial Auto Lease Mileage Calculator

If you are likely to drive more miles than your annual commercial auto lease allotment,  use our convenient lease mileage calculator to find out how much you will have to pay for the excess miles when the lease ends.  Auto leasing companies may charge in excess of $0.12 per mile in annual mileage overages.  Use our simple and free calculator below to determine what those costs may be.

Simply enter the following information in the lease mileage calculator below:  annual miles allowed, the charge for excess miles as stated in your lease agreement, and your car’s current odometer reading.  Our friendly and easy-to-use calculator will project excess miles and anticipated charges at the commercial auto lease end.  This calculator can be used for any state in the US.

Commercial auto leasing has a number of great benefits compared to traditionally buying a vehicle.  LeaseIT Corp understands how important a vehicle is.  Getting you in the right vehicle at the right price is important to us, so don’t hesitate a second to contact us about our vehicle leasing options.  Don’t be surprised by unexpected costs. If you are in the Philadelphia, PA or surrounding area, contact LeaseIT Corp for your commercial auto lease.