The Convenience of Auto Leasing

Car leasing is a convenient way to get a new car, drive it while it’s new and trouble- free, then turn it in for another. It’s not an expensive convenience, either. Just think about these benefits:

SAVE CASH – Remember the down payment you used to make when you bought a new car? All you have to do is put up your first monthly payment and a small security deposit.

SAVE TROUBLE – You lease it for 24, 36 or 48 months and most probably turn it in before irritating car troubles develop.

DRIVE HAPPY – Besides a new car with less chance for mechanical problems, you’ll be getting a lease tailored to your needs.

GET MORE – You can lease a more expensive car than you could buy with an equivalent auto loan because you pay to use the car, not own it.

**LeaseIT Corp only provides Auto Leasing in the Philadelphia, PA area. Click HERE for more info on Auto Leasing.

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