New York Equipment Leasing

New York Equipment Leasing

New York Equipment Leasing

LEASEIT Corp’s pay-as-you-go approach to leasing and its hedge against obsolescence have long afforded businesses a way to conserve their cash and better manage their equipment. When you utilize our New York equipment leasing programs, you’ll be able to acquire your equipment with no-money-down, while still reaping the benefit of low monthly payments. Our low interest rates and payment terms will be geared to meet your company’s financial goals.  We lease all types of new and used business equipment including soft costs such as installation and training.

Has your bank ever turned you down?  If so, please don’t let that stop you from calling us with your New York equipment leasing requests.  LEASEIT Corp entertains applicants with fair as well as good credit scores.  We also entertain start-up requests and equipment sale leasebacks.  You can count on LEASEIT to offer integrity and superior service in a warm and friendly manner. We will try to find the best possible program solutions for you regardless of your situation.

New York Equipment Financing

Some business prefers to finance their equipment instead of leasing it.  That’s why we offer New York equipment financing programs that can be structured with the same rates and terms as we offer on our lease products.  Below lists some of the different types of equipment we can finance.


  • Restaurant-Equipment-New York
  • Security-Equipment-New York
  • Production-Equipment-New York
  • Manufacturing-Equipment-New York
  • Printing-Equipment-New York
  • Office-Furniture-New York
  • Woodworking-Equipment-New York
  • Automotive-Equipment-New York
  • Commercial-Equipment-New York
  • Material-Handling-Equipment-New York
  • Medical-Equipment-New York
  • Computer-Equipment-New York
  • Telecom-Equipment-New York
  • Business-Equipment-Leasing-New York
  • Construction-Equipment-New York
  • Office-Equipment-New York
  • Fitness-Equipment-New York
  • Software-Leasing-New York
  • Metalworking-Equipment-New York
  • Industrial-Equipment-New York
  • Lab-Equipment-New York
  • Truck-Leasing-New York


Whether your a small business or a large corporation, let us help you acquire your business’ equipment with a lease, loan or line of credit.  Don’t forget, if you wait, the cost of the equipment will only be higher next year.

Contact Us or use our Equipment Leasing Questionnaire to see what LEASEIT Corp can do for you.