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Lease Medical Equipment

With rapid advancements in technologies and surging prices for medical equipment, hospitals, practitioners, and clinics are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their budgets. This pressure to reduce healthcare costs has made more stringent reviews for durable medical equipment purchases imperative.  New medical supplies and equipment that are projected to become obsolete over an anticipated period of use are a good candidate for medical equipment leasing. A properly structured medical equipment lease by our medical equipment leasing firm allows the user to shift the risks of technological obsolescence to the lessor so that the lessee can then acquire new technologies at the end of the lease term. The medical equipment lease also allows the user the flexibility to purchase the equipment or renew the medical equipment lease for an extended period of time. With these financial options we now see more and more healthcare service providers turning to leasing as an economical option for acquiring costly medical equipment and devices.

Medical Equipment Leasing Benefits

Leasing allows you to be competitive in an ever changing market. No matter how fast new equipment becomes available, new technology will always bring better opportunities for your medical care practice. With the cost savings from leasing the equipment through our medical equipment leasing firm, you’ll then be able to afford more equipment, such as ultrasounds and x-ray machines. This could then result in more billable procedures which would mean more opportunities to increase your bottom line. Our custom leasing solutions can help you expand your capabilities to make sure your practice survives in this new health care environment. Contact us to learn how we can help you with all of your equipment needs.

Medical Equipment Financing

We also offer medical equipment financing to fit the needs of your business. Unlike other medical equipment finance companies, we offer great rates and terms for x-ray machines, ct scanners, blood culture analyzers, ultra sound machines, ophthalmic equipment, surgical equipment, lab testing machines, MRI equipment, c-arm tables, and more. Our financing can help your practice maintain a healthy bottom line.  We do this by streamlining the the finance process with a one page application, 24 hour approval, and simple documentation lease contracts which are electronically forwarded to you for signature. We service all medical practitioners including physicians, dentists, veterinary offices, hospitals and clinics. Get pre-approved today by clicking on the blue link below and completing our short online credit application form.