Office Equipment Leasing

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Lease Office Equipment

New and existing companies require expensive office equipment. Everything from copiers and printers to telephone systems and used office furniture. All of these pieces of office equipment can be quite expensive. One of the primary benefits of  leasing office equipment is to be able to acquire the office equipment without significantly affecting your cash flow. This is particularly important to a new business with limited financial resources. Although office equipment leasing programs may be more expensive than paying cash, the initial outlay is considerably less. This helps to free up cash for other business opportunities that your company may need at the time. Let us design an office equipment leasing program to fit your needs.  Save your bank lines for business expansion, acquisitions, or as an emergency reserve.  If a large outlay is not in your budget, but if you had the office equipment you could be making more money? LEASEIT. Don’t forget the cost of the office equipment will only be higher next year.

Office Equipment Leasing Benefits 

One of the main benefits of leasing office equipment from our office equipment leasing company is that it’s the use of the office equipment, not the ownership, that increases a company’s productivity and profits.   A monthly office equipment lease payment can be an operating expense  for a piece of office equipment that is depreciating in value as it works for you. Saving you time, money, and making your business more efficient. With office equipment leases, businesses have access to the office equipment they need to run more efficiently and are able to preserve valuable capital for other growth opportunities. Additional potential benefits of office equipment leases include, no down payment, protection against office equipment obsolescence, preservation of personal credit, the ability to overcome budget limitations and potential tax savings.

Office Equipment Financing

Available for telephones, filing cabinets, copiers, facsimile equipment, postage machines, office chairs, business office supplies, paper shredders, office desks, video conferencing equipment and more. Simply go into the market place, find the best office equipment for the best price and then call us with the name and phone number of the vendor you want to buy from.  We will help you secure the equipment easily and hassle free once we’ve approved your lease request.  If you don’t have a particular vendor in mind, we would be happy to recommend a company to you.  We have worked with many companies throughout the country.  If you need office equipment financing or office furniture financing but aren’t sure if you’ll qualify, it’s easy to find out.  Just click on the blue link below to complete our short online credit application form.